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Salt is a new seafood venture on the north west coast of the Highlands of Scotland, an area famed not only for its natural beauty and wildlife but also world class seafood and hospitality, conceived by a local lass Suzie Macgregor who grew up overlooking the Summer Isles and the fishing that took place there.

After studying and travelling throughout the UK and world, Suzie worked at the award winning Kishorn Seafood Bar learning from the best how to prepare and serve world class seafood, and also to appreciate the opportunity her home offered.

Suzie embraced the potential to utilise her skills and opportunity to open a new business on the very shores she had been raised serving seafood from the seas she overlooks. Salt.

Salt Seafood Kitchen Coigach Sunset
Salt Seafood Kitchen - local creel boat


Our Food

Salt overlooks the Summer Isles an arcapelago of small islands and islets that huddle in the waters of Loch Broom leading to the Minch. People and communities have lived on and used the isles to live and work for generations. The shores, coast and sea have provided a range of fayre from winkles and mussels, to crab, lobster, prawn, and fisheries that have not only sustained the local population but also attracted fishermen and traders from around the world.

Local fishermen still work from the peninsula of Coigach, creelmen laying their pots and traps around the rocky inlets for lobster and crab, or in the deeper waters where they catch a species of large and delicious prawn that many know under different names including Langoustine, Norwegian Lobster, Dublin Bay Prawn and Nephrod. Winkles, cockles and razor clams are still gathered on the beaches and from the rocks of both the isles and mainland. Scallop divers swim beneath the waves to the seabed to hand select mature scallops. The importance and quality of these catches can be recognised by the fact that most of it is exported to overseas markets that pay premium prices for what is regarded as some of the finest food in the world.

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Salt Seafood Kitchen, Lobste
Salt Seafood Kitchen, Prawn
Salt Seafood Kitchen - Coigach

Our Produce

The Best. Locally.

Salt intends to not only offer seafood lovers the opportunity to sample the fine foods and shellfish harvested around Coigach but to work in conjunction with the local fishermen to ensure our produce is not only representative of the quality and standard this region can offer but also sourced from suppliers and fishermen that work sustainably ensuring that our shores, seas and communities can continue to be supported by and appreciate the best that our coast has to offer for generations to come yet.

Our seafood chalet offers the opportunity to sample mouth watering shellfish and seafood, either inside or out, looking out to the islands and where our produce was caught. We source from sustainable local fishermen and divers, many of whom have fished these waters all their lives following a family tradition.

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